Vasco Rossi - born on 7-2-1952 in Zocca (mo) - is Italy's biggest rock music star.
Especially the last twenty years his concerts are sold out completely and the stages turned from music halls into football stadiums.

Rossi's first music release appears in 1977 with Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone, followed by Non siamo mica gli Americani in 1979. With the release of Colpa d'Alfredo in 1980 music develops more and more with independent and expressive lyrics and an aggressive rock sound, initiated by the strong presence from electric and distorted guitars from Maurizio Solieri and Massimo Riva.
In 1981, Siamo solo noi is released and the title track becomes an anthem for Italian youth. Additional albums includes 1982's Vado al massimo, 1983's Bollicine which tops the Italian album charts. His star is rising with his performance at the San Remo Festival in 1983, although he shocks the audience by leaving the stage before the song 'Vita spericolata' has been finished.

In 1984 he is arrested because of drugs possession. Among intellectuals and conformists in italian society now he becomes a dangerous enemy. This doesn't damage his career at all...on the contrarary: young people crown him as a real hero, someone who can represent their feelings and their problems. Now also mass-medias start to pay more and more attention to his behaviour and private life. In 1985, Rossi releases Cosa succede in cittā , followed by C'e chi dice no in 1987.

Rossi signes a contract with EMI Records and releases the album Liberi Liberi in 1989. The single with the same tittle reach the different european charts. Now his success is established, showing his concert in 1989 in Milan - recorded on the double live album Fronte del Palco - and his concerts in june 1990 in Rome and again Milan, which are visited by more than 100.000 fans, this time recorded on the mini live album San Siro in 1991. It's time to expand his fan base: the succesfull european tour in 1991 with concerts in France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.

Rossi releases Gli spari sopra in 1993. The gli spari sopra-tour in Italy the same year is his best tour ever.
In 1995 Vasco gives act de presence at "ROCK SOTTO L' ASSEDIO" with 130.000 people.
In 1996, Nessun pericolo per te is released and Maurizio Solieri is replaced by Stef Burns because of disagreements with vasco's art director Guido Elmi. Solieri now starts his own band: 'Class'.
A new climax is reached in the 'Nessun pericolo per te'-tour in Milan in front of 80.000 people.

Vasco Rossi releases Canzone per me in 1998. Later this year the live-album Rewind ( released in 1999) is recorded at the Heineken Jammin' Festival at the race cource of Imola. This is the last performance of his friend Massimo Riva (rhytm guitar), because a terrible tragedy will happen a few months later: just a few weeks before the start of the new 1999 tour in Italy he is found dead, probably killed by a overdose of heroin. Solieri joins again but only during this tour.

October 1999 Vasco Rossi is nominated for a MTV Europe Music Award for Best Italian Act. On the 6th april 2001 the new album is released: Stupido hotel, and the fans are able to visit another italian tour this summer! The old climaxes are shattered: on the 16th of June Vasco sings in front of 200.000 people at the Heineken Jammin Festival of Imola. The complete tour is live broadcasted on the internet. Rossi signs at the end of may 2002 a new contract with EMI for another 4 albums.

In july 2003 Vasco Rossi gives 3 concerts in the San Siro stadium in Milano. The concerts are completely sold out. In november 2003 a compilation of these 3 concerts are being released on DVD.

2004 is the year of "Buoni o Cattivi". The album with the same name has been released, a italian tour with the same name has been started

2005 is expected to be another massive year: first of all Rossi opens the San Remo festival, the Buoni of Cattivi Tour continues with another 10 concerts throug Italy and he's expected to participate in the Live 8 concert in Roma.

Check wikipedia for the rest of his career.